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  • Sam Griffiths Masterclass at Aus3DE
    Sam Griffiths Masterclass at Aus3DEFriday, October 20, 2017 - 18:54One of the highlights of this year's Mitsubishi Motors Australian International 3 Day Event will be the Masterclasses presented by Event Ambassador, Sam Griffiths
  • Dancing with the young stars at Le Lion
    Dancing with the young stars at Le LionFriday, October 20, 2017 - 11:48New Zealand's James Avery and Britain's Izzy Taylor lead after the first day of dressage at the FEI World Breeding Eventing Championships for Young Horses in Le Lion d'Angers

CURRENCY CREEK FINE FODDER provide all aspects of the Horse Industry with the highest quality horse feed at wholesale prices – Fine Quality Lucerne Hay, Oaten Hay and Chaff.

Why Buy Direct from Currency Creek Fine Fodder?
We Provide Best Value for Money We Provide Consistent Supply and Price We Care About Product Quality and Service
Horses love our fodder!
No wastage
Highest quality lucerne
Chaff in 25kg Bags
Consistent prices
All fodder shedded
Direct from farm – no Middleman
Available all year round
We grow the fodder – We CARE!
Personal friendly service
We stack the hay into your shed
Regular deliveries various load sizes

Are You Getting the BEST Value for your Money??

As farmers ourselves, we know that the cost of feed is probably the most expensive part of owning any animals – whether they are horses, alpacas, cattle or sheep.

We also know the importance of feeding the highest quality feed possible – how many times have you bought feed that your animals pick through, eat bits and pieces and trample the rest on the ground!

Buying your fodder from Currency Creek Fine Fodder will provide the solution to both these problems!

We provide high quality feed at prices lower than fodder stores, leaving you with more dollars in your pocket.

The high quality of our feed, means that your animals don?t leave anything on the ground going to waste.

If you also use chaff, have you noticed how much dust is in some bags and also lately the colour of the chaff ?? We all know that dust in chaff can affect the health of your horse, more dust means less useable product in the bag and a dark colour chaff means that inferior hay may have been used.

We are always happy to send a sample of our hay and chaff to you so you can see first hand the quality of our products before you buy. We pride ourselves on the quality we produce.

Take up our offer and contact us to request a sample!

Official Suppliers of Lucerne Hay and Chaff to the Australian International 3 Day Event

We are proud to have now been the official suppliers of lucerne hay, oaten hay and chaff to the competitors at the Australian International 3 Day Event in Adelaide over the past years.

As the event is the only CCI 4 Star held in Australia, the only held in the Southern Hemisphere and one of only 6 held in the world, the calibre of the horses competing are world class.

We are looking forward to our involvement with the event in the future.

Lucerne Hay Available!

Our lucerne is looking fantastic and will continue to make beautiful hay as the weather continues to stay warm and fingers crossed the rain stays away when we are needing to bale hay!

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